Comfy Throws

 These blankets are made from top end microfiber fabric, which is twice as fine as silk and nearly one hundred times finer than human hair. This material is both luxurious and practical at the same time: it is durable, soft to the touch, maintains an elegant appearance all the while being washable, breathable, water-repellent and very easy to care for. The composition of micro fiber mimics the feel of cotton, down, and other natural fibers and fills. On top of all of that, microfiber is wonderfully warm, which is good for cold winter nights.


Allergies and Microfiber Fabric

Due to its tight knit weave, microfiber blankets block dust mites while preventing allergens from collection, making them suitable for allergy sufferers or those with environmental sensitivities. Additionally, microfiber fabric is very absorbent and can hold its own weight in moisture making for a drier night's sleep. All in all, microfiber is a sumptuous yet budget-friendly choice in bedding!


 Microfiber Blankets

Hertex is always on the lookout for dramatic designs to add to its collections, and with these stunning blanket designs make no exception. You can choose from a South African Cities script in neutral colors, reversible blankets for a more conservative look, a dramatic black and white hound's-tooth check for a modern look, two funky chevron designs, or from Hertex's own 'Hierdie Land van My' uniquely South African collection. All blankets are produced here in South Africa.


Browse Our Collection

Browse the House of Sofia blanket collection, and if you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us and we will do our best to source it for you. In case you are not sure which design to go for, contact our design team and they will help you with choosing the right blanket for your bedroom.