Bowen Boshier - Pencil Artist

Bowen Boshier is a South African pencil artist specializing in drawings of the wilderness of Africa. His unique works have been on show since 1990 and are part of a number of private and bank collections. Limited editions of reproductions are available in selected galleries across South Africa, and here on House of Sofia.

Bowen's use of the pencil makes his work instantly recognizable and gives it wonderful contrasts and textures. By creating a scene from nature in black and white, it forces us to become involved with the piece and we start to fill in this lack of color with our own ideas, feelings and experiences.

Simple nature scenes showing complex living systems

Ultimately, Bowen Boshier's work is about portraying the beauty and complexity of a living system. Africa is particularly blessed in this regard, with large open spaces and secret hideaways as well as its multitude of dramatic life forms. Africa's combination of harshness and delicate details, danger with delight, and sunlight with storm inspire Bowen's work, who in turn wants to inspire his viewers to appreciate and develop a desire to explore the details and textures of life's fabric.

Bowen Boshier prints on House of Sofia

We are thrilled to represent a few of Bowens work on the House of Sofia website. The art works are perfectly matched in any interior. The Limited edition prints can be printed on acid free, 300g paper or Canvas. The paper print would be perfect if you want to frame it and the canvas if you would like to block mount it.

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