QUOTE: "Art, as an evolution of consciousness, asks each one of us to bring forth a new self."


My paintings are an extension of my passion for natural form and beauty, rich startling colour and ephemeral textures in motion. Consciousness, matter and material merge into one, evoking a paradox of form and formlessness. Between dimensions, the visceral and reflective nature of water and emotion, and the opacity and density of earth,urge me to pursue the sculptural potential of a diverse range of materials. Pulsing swirling oceans, heaving masses of water, and wind swept skies,all asking for freedom and abstraction on canvas as the work itself becomes the product of my own awareness.


I enjoy working with a wide range of material; objects that are rusted and aging, textured landscapes, silvery and aqua blue oceans, or rough peeling walls and eroding stone.
For the subject, I search my terrain for wild places that are full of life. Setting out early in the morning, I drive along the coastline looking for the right place at the right time of day. I take a few test shots and wait for my subject. This is random, as to whether my subject will appear or not, and in the way that I had hoped for. Finding the right location for all creative elements to conspire and to inspire a work of art is all part of the process.
The balance of opaque and transparent colour, the rendering of subtle textures and the flowing of various materials into one another, make the work dynamic. I use materials sculpturally; with accuracy, technical skill and attention to and composition. Practicing many mixes, many different consistencies of enamels or acrylics, before choosing the right ones…. essential before working large.
A heady mix of paints, turpentine, lacquers, sealants, gloss and matt finishes, plaster and metal scrapers becomes a process of discovery, finding alchemical mixes and fascinating complimentary material combinations, working one layer at a time, to achieve richness, depth and substance.